Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Ever since Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia passed away ten days ago, President Obama has been in a rush to name another judge to the highest court in the land. Now, however, Obama has been given a brutal dose of reality on this point by Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito, who explained on Wednesday what exactly the vacancy left by Scalia means for the court.

“We will deal with it,” Alito bluntly told a group of law students, according to Associated Press.

According to Conservative Tribune, Alito added that the Supreme Court has functioned just fine with a reduced number of members in the past, and that the Constitution does not mandate the court being a certain size, so there is no rush in finding a replacement. In fact, the Supreme Court only had six judges on it until the height of the Civil War, when it grew to ten.

“They must have been more agreeable,” Alito jokingly said of ten intellectuals debating intense issues.

The only problem with having eight justices on the Supreme Court is that a decision could result in a tie. If this happened, it would mean that the Supreme Court would not be able to resolve the issue and the decision of the lower court would stand. However, we would much prefer a deadlock than Obama nominating another shamelessly liberal judge.

When Alito was asked who he would name to replace Scalia, he joked, “I have enough trouble with the questions I have to decide.”

We applaud Alito for giving Obama this brutal dose of reality. SHARE this story if you do NOT want Obama to name another justice to the Supreme Court!

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