Thursday, February 25, 2016

Kathie Lee Gifford is not afraid to speak about her faith. It is an enormous part of who she is and she shares that openly. Her faith in God is strong and she doesn’t buckle or back away from it.

When Kathie Lee first arrived in Hollywood, she was part of a Bible study group. She reports that she faced objections from people because of her faith. Sadly, she was “chastised far more by Christians than anyone else.” Even though they shared the same beliefs, these Christians were fearful or embarrassed. Perhaps, they were even jealous of how Kathie Lee reveled in her faith. But, she always stood strong.

“They’d ask, ‘How can you say you’re a Christian and be in Hollywood?’ I’d always respond, ‘How could I be in Hollywood and not be a Christian?’ How could I put up with the work and rejection without the security of God’s faithfulness?”

Kathie Lee has struggled following the sudden loss of her husband Frank last year. But, she finds refuge from her pain in Jesus and scripture. And she openly shares scripture with her fans or anyone who asks.

“At this point in my life, having lost my father, my husband, and many others, I’m tempted to lose heart and just focus on the day I will finally be with them and Jesus. It’s overwhelming at times since the world is so dark and so void of God’s Spirit.

But Scripture tells us, “Let us not be weary in well doing” (Gal. 6:9, KJV). When I read that, I prayed, “Okay, Lord, you’re going to have to help me be strong. You’re going to have to help me with inspiration. You’re going to have to help me keep going.”

Kathie Lee shares the message of God even on national TV. She has used her notoriety and public platform to spread the message of Jesus. Even when it’s not popular to do this in Hollywood or on talk shows, she has never buckled under pressure.

“The Devil would have us give up. The Devil would have us stop sharing the Word. He would have us stop giving hope to the hopeless. And we can’t fall for that. As much as we long for a different world, we have to stay in this one for now. It’s up to us to make an impact for Christ until He comes or until He takes us. The words God spoke to me 50 years ago are just as true today, and for every moment I have left, I will trust Him to work His beautiful plan for me.”

Wow! You don’t hear too many famous people who speak so proudly and profoundly about their love of God. When she returned to the Today Show following the death of her husband, she once again spoke of her faith, in front of the whole country.

If you agree with Kathie Lee, please share this! We should all be so brave!

H/T: Q Political

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