Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Liberal executives at ABC have been trying to get Tim Allen to tone down the conservative themes of his hit sitcom Last Man Standing for years now. They recently told him to stop including discussions about Jesus on his show, but he responded by writing a beautiful scene that completely revolves around the son of God.

In this episode, Allen’s onscreen son-in-law, Ryan, is upset with his son, Boyd, after he learns the young man admitted to stealing. According to Q Political, Ryan is afraid his son’s Christian friend Kyle convinced him to confess by making him afraid of God.

”I want Boyd to tell the truth because it’s the right thing to do, and not because he thinks he’s gonna be punished by an angry God,” Ryan tells Kyle.

Ryan replies by accusing Kyle of taking a one-dimensional view of Christianity, but he doesn’t agree.

“I never said that,” Kyle responded. “Boyd was scared that if he told you what he did, you wouldn’t love him anymore. So I said you were like my friend Jesus, and even if I do something bad, as long as I’m honest, He still loves me.”

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