Friday, February 19, 2016

One family got a hilariously adorable photo op with one of the most beautiful horses in the world. The family was excited to see Clydesdales at an amusement park.

Clydesdales are known for their strength and grace. These horses are bred to be even tempered and intelligent. They are very recognizable mascots for Budweiser. Clydesdales draw large crowds where ever they go. It is a treat to see them.

These giant horses are well mannered and seemingly always on their best behavior. When you see them, they are always well behaved.


Only 10 Clydesdales are chosen to travel. They are the cream of the crop as they represent Budweiser and their breed.

Their seriousness is what makes this picture so special. The little girl walked up a Clydesdale for a photo op, but the horse got silly and photo bombed her.


So silly! Isn’t that adorable? She will likely have that picture forever!

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H/T: Faith Tap

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