Monday, February 22, 2016

Hillary Clinton narrowly defeated Bernie Sanders in Nevada on Saturday. The former first lady had previously seen the state as a firewall for her. Her lead, which was in the double digits not too long ago, essentially evaporated when she started to feel the Bern.

Clinton’s victory speech seemed to be drenched in denial as to how close she came to losing this race.

And upon closer look, it appears that Hillary may have cheated in Nevada. The video below shows people piling in to vote in the caucus without even registering.

It is very possible these Hillary supporters didn’t even live in Nevada. But, they were allowed to file in and vote.

The Clintons don’t seem to think the rules apply to them. But, this is so blatant and now there is video of it. Hillary just won by a handful of votes. This could have really made a big difference.


Do you think Hillary cheated through voter fraud? Please share this to get the word out.

H/T: Mad World News

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