Wednesday, February 24, 2016

On December 7, 2014, the country was stunned when 19 year-old cheerleader Jessica Chambers was found after being doused with gasoline and burned to death. Her attackers have managed to escape the justice system: until now.

According to Daily Mail, 27 year-old Quinton Tellis has been charged with setting fire to Chambers’ car and leaving her to die that day in Cortland, Mississippi. The pair had been in a relationship after each attending South Panola High School in Panola County, and he is believed to be the last person to see her before she died.


Tellis was indicted by a special grand jury for the case on Tuesday in Louisiana, where he is being held for stabbing a Taiwanese exchange student to death.

Chambers was found at 8:15 pm on the night of her death by a passing driver, and she was rushed to the hospital clinging to life with burns on 98% of her body. A witness said Chambers told firefighters that a man named Eric “did this” to her. She did not know his last name, but she repeated the first name 15 times.


Since Chambers’ death, Tellis has gone on to get married, according to his Facebook page.


If a white man had burned a black girl to death, there would already be murmurings of a hate crime. We can only hope that Tellis is charged with a hate crime over the death of this beautiful young girl!

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