Wednesday, February 3, 2016

A North Carolina man picked the wrong house to break into. This decision cost him his life when a military wife shot and killed him.

Brian Keith Ratley had a long rap sheet. The 45 year old had recently been placed on probation for a felony conviction. Ratley obviously had an issue following the law as he attempted to harm this family despite being on probation.

The mother and her toddler were out running errands. When they returned, she discovered a silver Jeep Wrangler in her driveway. The military wife entered her home with a handgun. She saw Ratley carrying her iPad in the hallway. Then she fired her gun several times. Ratley died in the home.


It’s probably not surprising that the Jeep Ratley parked in the woman’s driveway was stolen.

Thank goodness this woman was armed and not afraid to use her weapon to protect her family and her home. It’s important to not only own a firearm, but be trained and prepared to use it if needed. This family clearly appreciates our Second Amendment rights.

As you can see in the video below, more women around the country are armed and ready to take action than ever before.

Would your family be prepared to take action if someone broke into your home?

H/T: Fay Observer

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