Monday, February 1, 2016

Last Friday, a thug learned the hard way that messing with a woman in Texas is NEVER a good idea!

It all started when the armed punk tried to rob the Cash Store, a Texas business that has been the target of many robberies in the past. Two uniformed officers quickly arrived on the scene, taking the thug by surprise, so he took a woman hostage.

According to Western Journalism, the suspect threatened to shoot the woman if police intervened. He then tried to put the woman in a car, but that’s when the police made their move. Thinking fast, one of the officers shot the thug in the head, killing him instantly.

Though the hostage was in a state of shock, she was unharmed in the incident. Former police officer and criminal defense attorney Pete Shulte has now spoken out to praise the officers, saying that most cops would not have been brave enough to take the risky shot.

“I think the officer in this situation, although many officers would not have taken the shot, he’s a hero,” Shulte said. “He stopped the situation.”

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