Friday, February 26, 2016

A young mother was exiting a shopping center recently when two thugs came out of nowhere, tried to grab her purse, and ended up dragging her down the parking lot. Clearly, the thugs forgot they were in Texas…

According to American News, it was then that a Good Samaritan pulled out his concealed weapon and held the criminals hostage until the police arrived, saving the mother from any further distress.

“This lady opens her car door, grabs the woman’s purse and they reverse,” witness Brenda Vasquez recounted. “While they’re trying to reverse, the lady is holding on to her purse still, chasing them all the way to the middle.”

“And that good Samaritan came out, drew his weapon and scared them,” she continued. “And that’s when he  pulled them out of the car.”

That’s what happens when you mess with Texas!

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