Thursday, February 11, 2016

James Huff served our country in the military for twenty years, including three overseas deployments.

The veteran is now fighting back after his truck was stolen. He erected a sign to shame the thief about stealing from a veteran who fought for his freedom.

The sign reads, “To the worthless dirtbag that took my truck, I gave 20 years of my life serving in 3 armed conflicts to protect YOUR freedom. A freedom you pissed away when you stole what I earned.” He continues, “I hope your mother sees this so she knows YOU STOLE FROM A SOLDIER!”

Huff’s 2002 white Ford with hydraulic lift has Army stickers on it. The Texas license plate number is GBL-2166.

What kind of creep would be stupid enough to steal a truck from a veteran in Texas of all places?

Sometimes thieves do have consciences and feel remorse about their crimes.  One North Carolina man who stole a package returned it with an apology. Perhaps Huff’s tactic will work.

If this truck thief is caught, what do you think would be an appropriate sentence?

H/T: Jumble Joy

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