Thursday, February 11, 2016

Hillary Clinton is having to deal with the actions of her past, thanks to Bernie Sanders proving to be a strong challenger for the Democratic nomination.

Hillary and Bill Clinton raked in over $150 million from speaking fees since 2001. The “dead broke” couple had a daily average income of  $76,565.72 in 2015 when they hauled in $27,946,490 last year for gracing audiences of rich people with their words. The average American earns 44,000 a year. The Clintons earned that in half a day. That isn’t going to play well in a party that attacks wealth and success.

What is really causing Hillary trouble right now with those speeches is her embrace of Wall Street. Three speeches to Goldman Sachs earned her $675,000. Democratic voters are having a hard time swallowing Hillary’s claim that she will crack down hard on Wall Street after accepting such bountiful checks.

Voters don’t view Hillary as trustworthy and hypocritical actions like this have turned “her base” away. One woman told Politico, “She sounded like a Goldman Sachs managing director.” This is not something that plays well in a Democratic primary.


Only 5% of New Hampshire Democrats who were exit polled felt Hillary was trustworthy. That is an indictment from her own base who will see these checks as bribes for gaining access to the Clinton’s power.

Hillary is now facing more scrutiny about her speeches as the Sanders campaign is asking for the transcripts to be released.

Democrats are turning away from Hillary and embracing a socialist. This is going to cause serious identity issues for the party. Watch them scramble to clean up this messy coronation.

What do you think Bill and Hillary spent all that money on?

H/T: Daily Mail

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