Thursday, February 4, 2016

Just one day after visiting a Muslim mosque that has ties to terrorist groups, Barack Obama had the nerve to lecture Christians about their faith at the National Prayer Breakfast this morning.

According to Breitbart, Obama talked to the crowd about the “primal emotion” of fear, and how they can combat it with their faith. As if Obama is the person who should be telling any of us how to be a good Christian…

“Fear does funny things. Fear can lead us to lash out against those who are different, or lead us to try to get some sinister ‘other’ under control,” he said, alluding to anti-Muslim sentiments among Christians.

“If we let it consume us, the consequences of that fear can be worse than any outward threat,” Obama continued. “For me, and I know for so many of you, faith is a great cure for fear. Jesus is a good cure for fear.”

Obama went on to say that Jesus helped Americans stand up “not just to our enemies but to our friends” and helped Christians become both tolerant and accepting.

“Like every president, like every leader, like every person, I’ve known fear,” he added. “But my faith tells me that I need not fear death, that acceptance of Christ promises everlasting life and the washing away of sins.”

Obama concluded his speech with a prayer for his successor, who he hopes will be Hillary Clinton.

“I pray that our leaders will always act with humility and generosity,” he concluded.

Frankly, it makes me sick to hear Obama even mention Jesus’ name. Obama has made it abundantly clear that he is a Muslim posing as a Christian, so for him to lecture us about how to be a “good Christian” is truly disgusting.

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