Wednesday, February 24, 2016

A Texas mother has found herself in hot water after she posted a series of photos of herself with something very unusual on her chest.


Lacey Dangerstone, 27, from Fort Worth, Texas is a mother of two who began breastfeeding in 2012 after her daughter Luna was born. Since then, she has gotten into wet nursing, which is the practice of breastfeeding another child. Lacey was horrified to discover since then that wet nursing has gotten a VERY bad reputation in the world.

“Wet nursing is considered a taboo subject, but isn’t it just one mother helping out another and, more importantly, the child or baby?” she rhetorically asked, according to Mad World News. “Breastfeeding other babies and toddlers has changed my life.”

People are forgetting that historically speaking, wet nursing has saved the lives of millions of babies. In the old days before formula, mothers depended on wet nurses to keep their babies alive. Now that it is no longer the norm, however, many see it as “twisted” or “perverted.”


Lacey first began wet nursing for a friend of her sister’s. Since she was breastfed by a woman other than her mother when she was a child, she was more than open to the idea.

“The baby was nine months old and the mom and dad needed to go away for the weekend. My little one was four months old, and I was producing more milk than they needed,” she said. “I talked about it with my sister and her friend, and they were thrilled. Eric, my husband a 28-year-old system administrator, Luna and I stayed at the other couples’ house on the weekend to make the baby more comfortable.”

Now, Lacey spends her time educating others on the practice, even hosting parties to do so.

“My husband was proud and so was I. Some friends found it disgusting and others were supportive,” Lacy said. “So what I then set out to do was help educate others about wet nursing, and now I’m establishing a global network of mothers in the UK, Australia, Europe, Canada and the US who can set up wet nursing groups in their communities.”


Lacey has wet nursed twelve babies, a group which includes her nephew, friends’ children, and even friends of friends.

“Often a group get together and swap babies to feed,” she further explained. “I might be with one or two other mothers and we’ll have babies we are wet nursing. If one of us is busy the other will take the baby that needs nursing.”

Lacey went on to admit that wet nursing takes some common sense.

“It is important if you are wet nursing [that] everyone is comfortable with the concept. That you discuss with the baby’s mom her expectations, you know the baby’s routine and it blends easily with you and your baby,” she said. “You also need to ensure you don’t overly bond with the child that isn’t yours. The reality is it’s a convenient way for babies to get the milk that was made for them. Obviously you want to make sure everyone is ok with it, but once that’s established, do it unashamedly.”


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