Thursday, February 18, 2016

Though some people try to be good and live positive lives, many are greedy narcissists who only care about themselves. Unfortunately, the man in this story is the latter.

The man in this story was a frugal man who worked his entire life. Though he worked long hours at a minimum wage job, he saved 90% of the money he earned. According to American News, this was because there was nothing he loved more in the world than money, and he chose to keep it hidden in his house rather than spend it.

Even though him and his wife lived close to poverty, the man kept his money hidden in shoeboxes, drawers, socks, and even the air vents. The man eventually became ill, and when he was on his deathbed, he told his wife his final wish: he wanted to be buried with ALL of his money in his casket. The wife swore on his life that she would honor his wishes.

Here’s what happened next:

The old man was lying in the casket and his widow stood next to it. Her friends and family gave their condolences and she received them well. Before the undertaker could lock the casket she runs over with a shoebox. She places the shoebox in the casket with her husband. The undertakers lock the casket and begin lowering it down into the ground. The widow’s best friend comes up to her and asks her if she were really stupid enough to bury the man with his money. She says, “Of course. I am a good Christian and promised my dying husband.” The friend then says, “You can’t be serious.” The Widow says, “ I am very serious. I got it all together. Put it all in my account and then wrote the old man a check.”

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