Thursday, February 18, 2016

The gloves have officially come off at the struggling ABC talk show The View, with new reports revealing that hosts Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar are at war.

According to Daily Mail, the two women are embroiled in an intense power struggle behind the scenes with Whoopi trying to maintain her footing as she negotiates her future while Joy is trying to move into the coveted moderator seat. A source told reporters that ABC executives recently met with Whoopi about extending her contract for two more years.

“In the meeting, they told her they would like to keep her around but would have to drastically cut her salary,” the source said. “Whoopi was very matter-of-fact in telling them that if they cut her salary, they would have to cut her days as well.”

Whoopi joined the show as moderator back in 2007, and she renegotiated her contract in 2014 so that she could make $5 million a year. Executives have now offered her $2 million a year to stay, which was her original salary on the show.

“Whoopi was furious when they told her what they were offering. She told the executives flat out, ‘If you want Joy damnit, just say you want Joy then,'” the source continued.

Whoopi reportedly believes ABC wants Joy to take her place because she already signed a “lucrative contract” for the next three years.

“When Joy originally was let go from the show in 2013, she was making $1.5 million a year. Apparently, The View will now pay her $2.5 million in her new deal,” the source added.

Behind the scenes, Joy and Whoopi reportedly can’t stand each other, making things incredibly awkward on set. They refuse to participate in Hot Topics meetings together, and do various things to undermine each other whenever they can. ABC executives blame the tension solely on Whoopi.

“Executives at ABC really feel Joy is more of a team player and brings a better energy the days when she leads the show,” the source explained. “Whoopi has been so frustrated with the behind the scenes drama at the show that she often brings her misery to the table, takes it out on the co-hosts and gives the producers hell. They feel they can’t have success moving forward if the show has bad energy.”

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