Thursday, February 4, 2016

Imgur user Otisdriftwood posted some news on the social media site about his family. His wife took a pregnancy test. It was positive and they were excited about having a second child.

Unlike during her first pregnancy, his wife was very sick. At 11 weeks, they finally had an ultrasound, but the news was not good. Instead of there being a baby, Otisdriftwood reports that it looked like there were a
“bunch of grapes.”

Instead of a baby, the doctor found a tumor that caused a molar pregnancy. A molar pregnancy occurs when there is abnormal tissue in the uterus that causes pregnancy symptoms.

The couple prepared for a full hysterectomy, but fortunately, the surgeon was able to get the tumor without removing her uterus.

Although he was disappointed not to have another baby, the father kept a positive spin on it by being grateful to have his wife and son.


Another couple were struggling with a similar situation. Lilia and Miguel know a lot about molar pregnancies. Lilia has had 5 of them while trying to conceive for 14 years. The couple have been longing to be parents for almost a decade and a half and kept running into this obstacle. But, they got a surprise of a lifetime on The Doctors. Check out the video below.

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H/T: IJ Review


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