Thursday, February 18, 2016

DeRay Mckesson is a young thug who Fox News host Sean Hannity often calls a “professional protester.”

Though he is admittedly unemployed, Mckesson has used all his savings to protest with the Black Lives Matter movement in Ferguson, Baltimore, and McKinney, Texas. According to Western Journalism, when Mckesson was asked how he is being supported in these endeavors, he bragged that several friends are funding his protest exploits.

During a controversial appearance on Hannity, Mckesson claimed that Michael Brown was “murdered by a cop” who used his power to kill Brown, “because he knew that power would be protected.” Kevin Jackson, from The Black Sphere, has called Mckesson a “race baiter” and a “race pimp” who runs around the country starting problems and then leaves, forcing someone else to clean up his mess.

In a sickening twist, this young punk has been personally invited to the White House by Obama on Thursday night as a guest at the White House’s celebration of Black History Month, along with Al Sharpton, NAACP president Cornell Brooks, and Democratic Rep. John Lewis of Georgia.

John Fritze of the Baltimore Sun reported, “A White House official described the meeting as a first-of-its-kind gathering of leaders who represent different generations of the civil rights movement, and said the discussion will focus on criminal justice reform and building trust between police and neighborhoods. Attorney General Loretta Lynch will also attend.”

It’s sickening that Obama continues to encourage violent race-baiters to wreak havoc all over our nation.

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