Friday, March 4, 2016

Police in Houston are concerned after thugs broke into a gun store, emptying cases where pistols were stored. They also grabbed some rifles that were on display. In total, about 50 weapons were stolen. The store itself had a tremendous amount of damage.

The force of a large truck was used to rip off the burglar bars, allowing as many as ten men to rob and ransack the store in two minutes. The must see video is below. It is shocking to see how quickly they were able to pull this off.

There is a lot of concern about the large number of guns that just ended up in the hands of criminals and a good reminder that gun control is just a smack against law abiding citizens. Criminals who want guns are going to find guns and they will break the law to do it.

Criminals often leave some sort of evidence. Police have made three arrests so far, but others are at large. They have leads on the other seven.

Hopefully, they all are found and spend a long time in jail. Tossing these thugs in jail is gun control I can actually support.

What did you think of this? If you were a judge, what punishment would you issue to these thugs? Please share your judgment

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