Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Back in 2008, 14-year-old Chelsea Banton was dying of pneumonia in a hospital room after suffering from serious health issues for years.

The teen had lifelong health issues and the decision had been made to remove her from life support as there appeared to be no hope of her surviving this health crisis. The illness spread from her left to the right lung. She then acquired sepsis and blood clots, staph infections, E. coli. Her lung collapsed. She was also on a feeding tube. The prognosis was not good and Colleen prepared to say goodbye to her beloved daughter.

As the family huddled around Chelsea’s bed for what they believed was the last time, a nurse practitioner called them to a security monitor at the door to the pediatric intensive care unit. A bright light was showing up on the screen. In all the years the nurse worked there, she had never seen anything like it.

Chelsea’s mother Colleen pointed out the light looked like an angel.  “On the monitor, there was this bright light,” Colleen said. “And I looked at it, and said, ‘Oh, my goodness! It looks like an angel!”

Apparently, this angel brought a miracle to the teen. As doctors, nurses, and family gathered around the surveillance monitor to see the angel, Chelsea was suddenly getting better. She went from likely having minutes to live to winning her battle against pneumonia.

The footage below proves that God is real and works miracles!

Miraculously, Chelsea was discharged from the hospital just three days after the angel visited the hospital.

Chelsea had to deal with health problems her entire life. Her short life ended in 2015, seven years after what many believe is an angel showed up at the hospital as her family was saying what they believed was their goodbye.

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