Monday, March 14, 2016

A man with a concealed handgun permit shot and killed a masked man in a 7-Eleven who was swinging an axe in the store.

The masked man first swung the axe at the customer before setting his targets on the clerk. The customer then pulled out his side arm and fired at the assailant.

The hero was a man in his 60s who stops by every day to get coffee. This is likely not what he was expecting at 5:45 am, but his actions may have saved the life of the clerk. And he is not facing any charges.

“This could have been a lot worse,” King County Sheriff’s Sergeant Cindi West told KCPQ. “The clerk could be the one laying there dead on the floor right now.”

Stories like this are a good reminder as to why we need to protect our Second Amendment rights. Guns save lives.

Americans are fighting back against liberal attempts to grab our guns. We want to be able to defend ourselves. We need to be able to defend ourselves.

One Georgia businessman is such a strong believer of the Second Amendment that he really put his money where his mouth is. He asked all of his employees to get concealed handgun permits and then he bought them all handguns.

How would you react if your boss gave you a handgun? Would you that impress you? Please share your thoughts.

H/T: Fox News

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