Monday, March 14, 2016

Hillary Clinton showed her true colors during the Univision-Washington Post Democrat Debate when she attacked the mother of one of the four Americans murdered in Benghazi under Clinton’s watch.

Univision’s Jorge Ramos asked Secretary Clinton about why she emailed her daughter Chelsea and said the attack al-Quaida when the Administration wasn’t admitting that publicly. Instead they were blaming a video for the attacks in Benghazi. Amidst boos, Ramos addressed the fact that Patricia Smith, Sean Smith’s mother, said that Hillary misled the families.

Hillary attempted to portray herself as sympathetic to the families, but then she immediately politicized her answer and ended up calling them liars.

Patricia Smith brought the hammer down on Hillary and put the former First Lady in her place by addressing her lies and smears.

“We were nose-to-nose at the coffin ceremony. She lied to me,” Ms. Smith recalled on the Fox Business Network. “She told me it was the fault of the video. I said ‘are you sure?’ She says, ‘Yes, that’s what it was. … It was the video.’ And she knew full well it wasn’t at that time. And then she says she was going to check and if it’s any different she would call me back, she would let me know.”

Then Smith addressed what she sees in Hillary Clinton’s future beyond politics. “As Madeleine Albright said, ‘There’s a special place in hell’ for people like [Mrs. Clinton] and I hope she enjoys it there!” she stated.  “I just want to know! I just want to know what happened!”

BOOM! She certainly said what I have been thinking.

Hillary Clinton won’t take responsibility for her role in the deaths of these four Americans. And she takes that a step further by lashing out at the families to protect herself. This clearly is a quite an indictment to her character. And this is who is the presumed Democratic nominee.

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H/T: Allen B West





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