Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Bill Clinton just said what we all are thinking about President Obama. While stumping for Hillary’s presidential bid, Bill spoke about Obama’s “awful legacy.”

While yes, Obama does have a terrible record, it’s amazing that Bill Clinton actually said this during a Democratic primary.

Hillary is now tap dancing around her philandering husband’s disparaging comments about the current Democratic President.

Bill Clinton likes being the center of attention. And he often upstages his wife because of it. This time he put his foot in both of their mouths.

I’m not so sure Bill made a wise move here though as Hillary is courting Democratic primary voters who like Obama. Worse than that, should Bill be slamming Obama while Hillary is under FBI investigation?

Is Bill concerned with retribution from the White House as his wife faces a possible prison sentence? Or maybe he is secretly angling for a (prison) break from Hillary.

Do you think this was a Freudian slip from Bill Clinton or was it intentional? Please share your thoughts.

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