Friday, March 4, 2016

Nicole Brown Simpson’s murder is still an open case. OJ Simpson was acquitted of killing his wife, but much suspicion continues to surround him. And now there is even more suspicion after it is learned that a knife was found buried on property Simpson owned.

A construction worker found the buck knife several years ago, perhaps as far back as 1998. He told a police officer where he could find the knife. Rather than turning it in as evidence, the officer, who was off duty working on a movie across the street, took the knife home.

TMZ reports that in late January of this year, the now retired cop called the Homicide Division saying that he had this knife and wanted to frame it. He was asking for the Departmental Record number of the case because he wanted to engrave that on the frame.

As you can imagine, there was a lot of outrage that this man would have kept a knife possibly connected to one of the most famous murder cases in LA History. He finally turned the knife over to the police. One officer who looked it over reported that it appeared there were blood stains on it, but it is hard to tell since it is also rusty.

OJ Simpson was acquitted, so even if it can be proven that this knife belonged to him and is the murder weapon, double jeopardy prevents him from being tried again.

It’s amazing to think that this officer didn’t turn over a knife that didn’t rightfully belong to him. Why would he have kept it?

Do you believe OJ Simpson killed his wife and Ron Goldman? Please share your thoughts.


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