Saturday, March 26, 2016

In Obama’s America, police officers are rarely shown the respect they deserve. However, when one patriotic woman heard a fallen officer being disrespected in a Burger King restaurant, she knew she had to say something.

Police officer Allen Jacobs was a U.S. Army veteran who served on the force for five years before he was tragically gunned down earlier this month by a teenage gang member. While the woman ordered her meal at the Burger King, she was stunned to hear the cashier rip into the fallen officer, saying “the cop got what he deserved, messing with those kids for no reason.”

According to Young Conservatives, the “kids” he referred to each had a long list of convictions for violent drug crimes prior to the shooting. The customer later wrote about her experience at Burger King on Facebook, prompting a representative for the company to reach out to her.

“I was totally shocked. I was blown away. I could not believe what I had heard,” the customer told WYFF News 4.

She went on to say that she was relieved when the representative told her the employee had been fired.

“It felt like really that something had been lifted off of me because I was just so — when he told me that she had been terminated for that, that really made me feel better about the whole situation,” she said.

It’s sickening that police officers are treated so poorly in our country these days. We applaud Burger King for refusing to let this kind of behavior stand!

See the video below for controversy surrounding the conflict.

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