Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Cell phones are great, but sometimes the line to the outside world can hinder family time. In the middle of dinner, your phone might alert you to something that you feel you must check on. Checking your phone can be addicting.

Nobody wants to eat with someone who is looking at their phone instead of them. It’s insulting and rude. And Chick-Fil-A is helping solve this problem by offering cell phone coops. Everyone puts their cell phone on silent and places it in the coop.

cell phone

If you can complete this family challenge, everyone is rewarded with an ice cream cone! It’s a win/win. You get family time and a free dessert!

Chick-fil-A looks for ways to make dining with kids more stress free. Not only do they want to help you focus on your family, they also offer a Mom’s Valet. You can order online or at the drive thru so you don’t have to wait in line with the kids. You can get more information on that in the video below.

Not only do they have delicious food, they find new ways for us to enjoy our meal and spend time with our loved ones. Now, I’m hungry for a chicken sandwich!

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H/T: FoxLA

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