Monday, March 28, 2016

The Republican primary didn’t take a break for Holy Week. Instead, the heat and nastiness got turned up quite a bit.

Donald Trump kept up his attacks on “Lyin’ Ted Cruz” by pointing out that Cruz is trying to steal delegates to try to snatch the nomination. The two also have had a battle over their wives.

First a Super PAC promoting Cruz targeted a nude picture of Melania Trump to mostly Mormon women in Utah prior to that state’s primary. After the National Enquirer detailed multiple affairs Ted Cruz allegedly had, Cruz blamed Trump for the leak.

The stakes have been raised as the number of primaries are winding down. This is causing the mud to really be slung in a desperate attempt to block Donald Trump from being the Republican nominee.

Donald Trump is the only Republican who has an outright path to securing enough delegates to win the nomination outright. Cruz’s best shot is at a contested convention. The junior Senator from Texas is hoping he can spring from second place to first place and leap frog over the fact that more Republicans voted for Trump.

Cruz is quietly working on securing unbound delegates to support him at the RNC in Cleveland. Despite Trump winning in Louisiana, Cruz now has more delegates than the real estate mogul. Trump said that “Lyin’ Ted Cruz” is trying to “steal” delegates.

“I have millions of votes more than ‘Lyin’ Ted.’ I have millions — millions of votes more…I have a guy going around trying to steal people’s delegates,” Trump said. “This is supposed to be America, a free America. This is supposed to be a system of votes where you go out, you have elections, free elections,” he said.

This could make for a really interesting convention, but there might be dire consequences if the delegates don’t support the choices of the voters. And, it could cause the Republican party to split.

Do you think it’s fair that delegates are awarded without concern to how the people of that state voted? Please share your thoughts. 


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