Friday, March 11, 2016

Corporal Tony Porta was severely injured while serving in the Marine Corps. He has had over 100 surgeries. Porta has suffered greatly, but he is more concerned with his fellow veterans than himself. He is upset agains the poor treatment and long waits at the VA.

Porta is a spokesperson for Veterans for Trump. And in a Town Hall with Sean Hannity, the veteran made an emotional plea for the real estate mogul.

The Marine discussed “awful” treatment he and others have gotten from the VA. He believes Donald Trump can change that around. And he thinks that Trump won’t be beholden to special interest and will serve the best interests of the people for this reason.

“When you become president, I don’t want you to work for those guys who are giving tons of money to a lot of people,” Porta said. “I want you to work for us.”

The emotional video below shows the love this veteran has for our country. And he believes that Trump is the one who can help.

Are you supporting Donald Trump? Do you believe that he can fix the VA? Please share your thoughts. 

H/T: IJ Review

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