Wednesday, March 30, 2016



You will not believe how ridiculous the government is when going after terrorists — instead of zeroing in on real threats, they’re targeting people for the stupidest reasons. Here’s one for the books:

Bruce Francis has a service dog named Dash. Bruce has MS and depends on a dog walker to help nine-year-old Dash get some exercise.

Bruce was surprised when the dog walker said he hadn’t gotten a check that Francis sent. When he looked at his account online, Chase Bank had a message for him asking what the “For Dash” memo line meant.

Obviously, it was to mark that the payment was regarding his dog. But, this check was flagged and Bruce had to call OFAC, an office of the US Treasury. The bank had stopped payment on the check because it was seen as possible funding for terrorism. The reasoning will have you scratching your head — Dash is similar to Daesh, another name for ISIS.

Just another instance of government wasting our time and its money.

What kind of profiling is the federal government doing?

This should show you how so many of our activities are being monitored. But, it’s interesting that the federal government flagged a check for a dog walker but approved the fiancee visa for the San Bernardino terrorist wife.

Where are their priorities and focus?

How would you react if your bank flagged your check for terrorist activities? Please share your thoughts.


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