Tuesday, March 29, 2016

A recent federal government announcement is sure to have school children throughout the country groaning. The feds plan to fine schools who don’t implement Michelle Obama’s school lunch program. They want to further regulate what our children are eating during the school day.

The Lunch-Lady-in-Chief’s program is incredibly unpopular in cafeterias across the country. Children are eating less because the food is so unpalatable. It doesn’t matter how healthy food is if the child is throwing it in the garbage! More than 1.4 million students have tossed their lunch trays since Michelle Obama got her hands on their menus.

In June 2015, a West Virginia preschool teacher was fined for offering candy as an incentive to her students. Who complains about getting candy?

The federal government says it will give schools the opportunity to appeal the fines by making changes to their lunch menus. Essentially they are muscling the schools into serving lunch which will likely be tossed out.

Kids like foods that tastes good. Actually, so do adults. This is a pretty simple concept. Maybe Michelle Obama can think about that the next time she is scarfing down her french fries.

How long do  you think it will be until the feds start monitoring what we pack in our own children’s lunches? Please share your thoughts. 

H/T: Free Beacon


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