Thursday, March 31, 2016

Liberals aren’t known for keeping things classy. And some feminists are keeping with this theme by selling some political underwear for women.

Ted Cruz panties

Cute Fruit Undies are padded underwear for women who are menstruating. And this liberal company is now putting pictures of Republican politicians in the liner of the panties so women can bleed on the faces of those who don’t support “reproductive rights.”

“This specific election has been so ridiculous and radical, for better or worse, and it’s such a spectacle, that it feels like these undies are a perfect fit because they are pretty out there and ridiculous,” says Sarah Palatnik from Cute Fruit Undies, to Mashable. “It’s kind of an ‘outrageous times call for outrageous measures’ type of thing.”

All three Republican contenders for the White House adorn the underwear. In addition, Sarah Palin, Jeb Bush, and Mike Huckabee period panties are also for sale.

Kasich Panties

Can you imagine the reaction from liberals if conservatives had period underwear with Barack Obama’s face on them? I can only imagine the screams of RACISM! But, double standards don’t ever seem to apply to liberals.

Another company sold panties of Bernie Sanders but that was a show of fun support.

Can you imagine the outrage if someone sold panty liners of Hillary or Bernie? How do you think the liberals would react? Please join the discussion. 

H/T: Mashable


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