Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Two suburban Chicago police officers are being hailed as heroes. The pair saved a choking an 18 month old girl and it was caught on the police dash cam.

Officer Bryan Poradzisz is a certified emergency medical technician. Officer Kevin O’Connor arrived seconds after Poradzisz. Rather than waiting for paramedics, these two sprang into action.

First they tried the Heimlich maneuver. When that failed, they did a finger sweep to clear the girl’s airway. The toddler then began breathing again and regained consciousness. She is now doing fine.

It is nice to hear of police officers getting accolades for their hard work. They make a tremendous impact on our communities and often don’t receive any thanks or praise.

With the news of three Chicago police officers being shot, it is important to remember that these men and women put their lives on the line for us. And we need to thank these heroes.

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