Thursday, March 24, 2016

ISIS’s savagery knows no bounds. And they plan to take their horrific inhumanity even further.

Armed militants recently kidnapped a priest when they stormed a old people’s home in Yemen. They also killed 16 people, including four nuns. A survivor said these pigs were with ISIS.

And now there is concern that Father Tom Uzhunnali will be crucified on Good Friday to send a message to Christians during Holy Week.

They want to crucify this priest on the day that Christian’s commemorate the day Jesus was crucified. Yet, we aren’t supposed to even draw a picture of Mohammed?!

The Franciscan Sisters of Siessen posted their concerns on Facebook and are asking for prayers for Father Tom.

Father Tom Facebook

The savage bruts have no sense of humanity. They behead and torture anyone who they don’t find desirable or useful. And they do it in the name of religion.

It was heart-wrenching when American Kayla Mueller was kidnapped by ISIS and used as sex toy before being murdered. And now they want to crucify a priest on Good Fridays.

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H/T: Mirror

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