Monday, March 28, 2016

A fast-acting gun store owner likely prevented a mass shooting at Ohio University.

John Howard passed a background check when he attempted to buy a long gun. But, gun-store owner John Downs refused to sell the 25 year old the gun because of suspicious activity. He felt the man was a threat either to himself or others.

Downs’ instincts were correct. Howard was a former hockey player at nearby Ohio University. He had withdrawn from school the same day he attempted to purchase the gun. And, he’d also shoved an assistant hockey coach.

Howard returned to the store very angry. Downs hid his customers in a backroom of the store until Howard left. Police picked up Howard at a Walmart purchasing ammunition and camouflage. They also found a rifle and mental health paperwork in his car.

“Apparently he was frustrated about something that happened at OU in Athens,” Hocking County Sheriff Lanny North said. “I believe [Downs] did prevent a mass shooting that was probably going to occur at Ohio University in Athens.”

Howard left his cell phone near Youngstown, quite a distance from Ohio University. Police believe he did this to mislead them after an attack. He didn’t want them to locate him.

It’s important to note that gun control did nothing to prevent this situation. The man did indeed pass a background check. It was the gun shop owner’s actions that halted this man.

For more details information on how a mass shooting was likely prevented, please watch the video below.

How do you think gun control advocates will spin this story? Will they credit the gun store owner?


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