Friday, March 11, 2016

Old hotels are fun to stay in. Not only do they have a lot of character, but there can be a lot of mystery to them too.

One man decided to page through the guest book in his room in an old hotel. In addition to comments about the charm of the building and decor, he noticed there were mentions of a hidden drawer. This piqued his curiosity. He went about in search of this hidden drawer.

hidden drawer

He couldn’t find anything on the outside of the dresser, but when he looked inside, he found a metal latch. Of course he was going to pull it! He wanted to know if he would find anything interesting or of value inside.

hidden drawer

He pulled the latch and a hidden drawer did pop out!  But, instead of a treasure map or confidential secrets, there were some notes and change inside.

hidden drawer

He might have not struck gold, but he did have a fun adventure and a nice story to share.

I like to stay in old hotels for the charm but also because of the mystery. Some people like to stay in them because they are hoping to see ghosts. The video below talks about the three most haunted hotels in America.

Would you stay in a hotel with a reputation for being haunted? Please join the discussion.

H/T: Jumble Joy

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