Thursday, March 3, 2016

Hillary Clinton might want to get her seamstress to make her orange pantsuits, because the likelihood of her going to prison just got a little higher.

Hillary For Prison

The Justice Department has granted immunity to the State Department employee who set up Hillary’s email server in the bathroom closet of her home.

Brian Pagliano worked on Hillary’s failed 2008 Presidential campaign and then went to work for the State Department after she became Secretary of State. He has been loyal to the former First Lady for many years, so his knowledge of her possibly illegal activities should be extensive.

Pagliano is now cooperating with the FBI since he has been given immunity. He previously had invoked his Fifth Amendment rights when testifying to the Benghazi Committee. His knowledge may prove to be damning to Hillary. This should be an enormous roadblock for her.

Hillary’s emails included some classified and top secret information that was not to be sent on a server outside of the federal government. Some of the information on these emails put national security at risk. With Hillary having such poor approval ratings and trust issues, Magliano’s testimony will be fuel on the fire.

What do you think will happen to Hillary Clinton? How do you think Bill would react to her being jailed? Please share your thoughts.

H/T: Daily Mail

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