Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Vicks vapor rub is a staple in many households. It can really help congestion when you have a cold. But, you might want to reach for your medicine cabinet for other reasons because vapor rub has a bounty of other uses!

  1. Helps fight acne. Vicks has camphor and eucalyptus oil that helps dry out pimples. Just put a little dab of it on a pimple and it will shrink overnight.
  2. Deters pets from marking. We all love our pets, but if they are mistaking your house for your backyard, you’re probably pretty frustrated. If your dog is peeing on your carpet, place an open container of Vicks in that spot. The scent will discourage this.
  3. Repels mosquitos and insects. Vicks has cedar leaf oil which is a natural insect repellent. Just rub a bit on before heading outside to prevent bites.
  4. Smooths out cracked heels. This can save you a lot of money on pedicures! If you have cracked heels, rub some vapor rub on them for 5 minutes before bedtime. Put on a pair of socks and let the magic happen while you sleep. You will wake up to smoother heels.
  5. Heals nail fungus. It is embarrassing to get this, but you can easily tackle it with some Vicks. One of the ingredients is thymol, which has natural fungus fighting properties. Just tab some Vicks on it twice a day and cover your feet.
  6. Alleviate headaches.  Rub some Vicks on your temples the next time you have a headache. The menthol can help alleviate pressure.

Vicks isn’t the only household item that has multiple uses. Coconut oil does as well. We previously told you about using it to whiten your teeth, but The Doctors has three more effective uses that don’t involve cooking. Check out the video below for these great tips.

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H/T: Q Political

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