Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Cars can get stinky, especially if you have kids who play sports or if you are driving so much that your car is a second home. It’s nice to get into a fresh smelling car, but air fresheners can cause problems.

Air fresheners can cause unnatural ingredients to be blown around the inside of your car. It might smell nice, but if you are sensitive to things like this, it can be a big issue. Also, they sometimes leak! The video below shows the expensive damage one $4 air freshener did to one woman’s car.

But, you can keep your car smelling clean in a natural and inexpensive way. It’s so simple too!

Just place some drops of essential oil on a clothespin and clip it onto your vent. Super cheap and you don’t have to be concerned with chemicals. You can also decorate the clothespin if you want to liven up the look.

This is such an easy solution. And it’s a great alternative, especially if you or someone who rides in your car has asthma and is sensitive to chemicals or scents.

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