Tuesday, March 8, 2016

The slinky is one of the most popular children’s toys of all time, but a mother recently took to Facebook to warn that the toy nearly killed her child. The post has since gone viral, and millions of parents are tossing out their slinkies to save their children’s lives.


According to AWM, Emma Bozner’s 3 year-old son Brooklyn was playing with a slinky when she turned her back for 60 seconds. When she checked on her son again, she was horrified to find that he had wrapped it around his neck three times.

It was so tight around his neck I couldn’t get a big enough gap to fit scissors through and cut it off,” Bozner wrote in her Feb. 24 Facebook post, which included a photo of her son’s neck. “However after pulling it from the back (and choking him in the process) I managed to get some of it cut only to find it was metal wire inside and was a lot harder to cut through.”

Now, Bozner is trying to warn other parents about the dangers of slinkies.

“Each second that passed was a second closer to losing Brooklyn, but luckily I managed to get it cut and off his neck, leaving his neck all cut and very sore,” Emma wrote. “I know slinkys have been [around] for years but any mommies and daddies on here, could you please ensure that you don’t leave your child alone playing with a slinky?”

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