Monday, March 7, 2016

Just a week after making headlines by breaking down as Kelly Clarkson sang on American Idol, Keith Urban has spoken out to share something truly heartbreaking with his fans.

According to Q Political, Urban just learned that his song “Break on Me” has hit number one, making it the twentieth number one song of his career. Though he’s happy about this news, Urban has confessed that the song has a deeply personal meaning to him.

“‘Break On Me’ is just one of those songs that, the first time I heard it, it just, it hit me in all the right ways. Because of having been in that place where I’ve needed somebody to ‘break on’– but of course also being someone who could be strong for somebody else,” Keith said.

He added that the song will always be personal for him because it was fresh on his mind when his wife Nicole Kidman’s father suddenly passed away.

“I’d gotten the song and not long after that was when Nic lost her dad, and I found myself living out that song. And then once we got it on the road and started playing live, I started getting a lot of stories back from people who loved the song for the exact same reasons,” Keith said.

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