Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Kevin Sorbo is well known as “Hercules.” He’s a popular actor who gets a lot of attention and Sorbo is also proud to be a Christian.

In an interview with Sean Hannity, the ‘God’s Not Dead’ star said Hollywood needs to do more to grow faith based films. Sorbo says the most basic way to do this is by not having an atheist direct or produce the film! It makes basic sense to have someone in charge of the movie who understands the targeted audience. By hiring an atheist, it’s almost as if the movie studio wants it to flop.

There is a real demand for these films from families who are craving wholesome entertainment with a powerful and positive message. So, Hollywood needs to step up and meet the need of its audiences.

You can see a trailer of 2014’s “God’s Not Dead” below. Sorbo plays an atheist professor who is challenged by one of his Christian students. This challenged changes the professor’s life.

Do you agree with Kevin Sorbo that Hollywood needs to do more for Christians? If so, please share this! 

H/T: Fox News

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