Monday, March 28, 2016

A Massachusetts man was really craving Taco Bell. But, he got there 30 minutes too late. His late-night Mexican food desires were rather intense. And he let his hunger in the way of the law.

Rather than making do with another type of food, 33-year-old Derrick LaForest, blew his horn for over two minutes. When workers told him they were closed for the night, he was furious. He slammed on the gas, driving through the drive drive thru and then across the parking lot.

LaForest was going so fast that he lost control of his car and it smashed into a structure in the parking lot that housed an ATM. Police found him unconscious. His car was pretty much destroyed.


I wonder if he was screaming, “You Quiero Taco Bell!” as he was flipping out. He was arrested and charged with vandalism and reckless driving.

What kind of idiot would destroy his car, property and embarrass himself for some cheap Mexican food that he had no chance of getting until the next day anyhow? LaForest had previously been arrested for trafficking heroin, so he isn’t a stranger to poor decisions.

A YouTuber renacted the events and then ended with that actual footage of LaForest crashing into the ATM.


Is Taco Bell worth this fuss? What’s the stupidest criminal story you have ever heard? Please share!

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