Wednesday, March 23, 2016

MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) has become very big in the United States. It is more popular than boxing and fans of the sport, love it. They can tell you all about their favorite fighters and where the next matches are going to be and where to watch them. For the longest time, none of those matches took place in New York as it was the only state to have banned MMA.

That has changed as the state legislature (both the state senate and state assembly) have voted to legalize the sport. Governor Andrew Cuomo has said he will sign the bill. He said, “Football is violent, boxing is violent, politics can be violent, right? I do support mixed martial arts because it’s also an economic generator. I think there’s an economic upside for the state and I support it.”

That didn’t stop some from making ridiculous arguments against its legalization.

Here are a couple of choice ones:

New York Assemblyman Charles Barron – “This one — throwing two people in a cage, personally as an African-American we’ve been in cages fighting on the plantations and other places and people bite off each other’s ears and do all kinds of things until they regulated that and made it something different. But throwing two human beings in a cage and you know how we used to say in our neighborhoods how you should have a fair fight, even when the man is knocked down when I grew up, you’re supposed to step back, let him get up and let’s start all over again.”

New York Assemblywoman Catherine Nolan – “A real person perhaps from a poor background finding his way or her way out of that background, the only way they know how with their fists. A person who is easily exploited perhaps because they don’t have the education, who looks for that one in a million dollar.”

Or maybe people like it because it’s fun.

Check out this reaction (NSFW):

What do you think about the ban being lifted after nearly 20 years?

H/T: Fox Sports

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