Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Conservative businessman Donald Trump is making quite a mark. A lot of people have said he would get crushed in a general election against Hillary Clinton in a general election. But, those naysayers need to see how Trump is suddenly winning over the women of The View of all places.

The View has been very hostile to the GOP frontrunner. But, the terrorist attacks in Brussels seem to be a wake up call even for these liberals, that we need to take action against this – immediately. They agree with Trump’s comments taking hard line against the terrorists.

Trump is winning over these liberal ladies while taking a hard stance on foreign relations and national defense. These women also pointed out that Trump made warning remarks about Brussels months ago.

Watch these women come to terms with their support of Donald Trump on this issue.

While the establishment continues to try to prop up Ted Cruz, Trump is on his way to sewing up enough delegates to secure the Republican nomination before the convention. Then the establishment’s dream of a contested convention will officially die.


And this conversation on The View shows that Trump is better prepared for the general election than many thought. He is already winning hearts and minds of those who don’t typically vote Republican. He can expand the party.

How do you think Trump will fare against Hillary Clinton in a general election? Please share your predictions.

H/T: Q Political

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