Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Liberals are trying to paint Donald Trump as a racist. But, it’s not working. The real estate mogul continues to march towards the Republican nomination and is already eyeing up taking on Hillary Clinton in the general election.

At a recent rally in Arizona, Trump threw out someone who was wearing a KKK hood. “There’s a disgusting guy,” Trump told the audience when he saw the hood. “He puts a Ku Klux Klan hat on it. He thinks it’s cute. He’s a disgusting guy. That is a disgusting guy. Really disgusting.”

Does this sound like someone who embraces the KKK? Absolutely not. These are just attempts to smear Trump since he doesn’t bend to political correctness.

Trump’s new nickname should be Teflon Don. None of these smears seem to stick to him. And it’ll be interesting to see the Clintons try to tear him down in the general election. Since Trump fights fire with fire and gasoline, it will be a long summer and fall for Hillary.

How do you think Trump will handle Hillary in the general election? Please share your thoughts.



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