Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Liberals want you to believe that Donald Trump is an evil bully who doesn’t care about anyone but himself. In a post on Quora, however, a woman named Sandra Kischuk revealed the true side of Trump that shows he is the perfect president for our country.

According to Conservative Tribune, Kischuk described the encounter in her December 21 post.

“A friend of mine told me that he and his wife were in NYC,” Kischuk wrote. “His wife was desperate for a bathroom and when she tried to go into a hotel, the doorman refused to let her in.”

Then The Donald walked in.

“Donald came out, noticed her, and asked if she had a problem,” she continued. “This man and his wife explained that she needed a bathroom … and Donald told the doorman that it was OK for them to go into the hotel (after all, it was HIS hotel) and opened the door for them. My friend was amazed at how gracious, compassionate and ‘real’ he was.”

This story shows that Trump is far more giving, gentle, and humble than the mainstream media would ever have us believe. SHARE this story so the whole world can see this side of Trump!

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