Thursday, March 24, 2016

Mia Love is the Utah congresswoman that liberals love to hate — she is the first black woman elected who is a conservative. And a fearless one, at that. Now Love has announced her MAJOR presidential endorsements; it’s sure to upset some of her colleagues in the House.

Love made her endorsement public in a statement online.

Here is the full statement, via IJ Review:

America faces difficult challenges and pressing problems at home and abroad. There has never been a greater need for courage and courageous leaders.

For me courage is not playing to our fears, frustrations, angst and anger. Courageous leadership is never defined by insults, put-downs, or personal attacks. Courage is NOT found in sweeping generalities – posing as policy, nor is it seen in superficial hype or political spin. As Americans and as Republicans we must always expect more of our leaders – not less.

I have spent my first year in office fighting for limited government, returning power to the states and the people, making college accessible and affordable for all, standing for those who cannot stand for themselves and creating upward mobility and opportunity for every American. That is the Utah model and that is what the people of the 4th district deserve in their president.

I want a president who is interested in reducing the power of the presidency and the federal government – not expanding it. I want a president I know I can count on to sign into law the kinds to bills I have introduced related to higher education, eliminating massive bills filled with pork and perks for the well-connected, serving our veterans and creating jobs for hardworking Americans.

Because I believe we need a president with less bravado and more real courage to act on conservative principles, I will be casting my vote Tuesday for Ted Cruz. He has proven himself to be a principled, courageous leader with a positive agenda for our future.

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Prior to his dropping out, Love had endorsed Florida Senator Marco Rubio. That was last November, when the future still looked bright for the Cuban American.

Of course, Rubio suspended his campaign last week after a devastating — and humiliating — loss in his home state. Meanwhile, Cruz has been doing relatively well, and took more than 50 percent of the ballots cast on Tuesday. He even won the take-all state of Utah.

Still, the path to the White House looks like a long shot for Cruz, who is going up against the current GOP front-runner Donald Trump. It is looking increasingly likely that the GOP primary will end after a battle at a contested convention.

Do you agree with Mia Love that Ted Cruz would be the best option for president? Or do you prefer Trump? Sound off, and let us know what you think, in the comments section below!

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