Thursday, March 17, 2016

Muslim refugees have caused a humanitarian crisis throughout Europe. While some many be innocent, there are those among them who have no regard for laws and are outright despicable human beings.

Two of those despicable typse were caught harming little girls in Finland. Two men, who were apparently Islamic refugees, spotted some girls they saw as easy targets for their pedophile ways. They started harassing the children. Then it began to escalate to sexual assault.

Thankfully for these innocent children, there was help nearby. The Soldiers of Odin were close enough to hear their screams. This group of vigilantes patrol neighborhoods, protecting the fellow country men from these Islamic refugees.

Soldiers of Odin

The pedophile pigs attempted to resist The Soldiers of Odin, but they failed. The perverts were then handed over to police. The girls may owe their lives to these heroes.

Liberals likely don’t like the Soldiers of Odin because of “profiling.” And they probably aren’t happen with neighboring Sweden, who announced plans to deport 80,000 of these refugees because of all the issues that have been created from their presence, including at least one murder.

If you witnessed these girls being attacked by Islamic refugees, how would you have reacted? Please join the discussion.

H/T: Mad World News


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