Thursday, March 3, 2016

If you have a pair of jeans that have seen their best days, you don’t have to toss them. You can give them new life by repurposing them! Check out these great ideas.

A jeans placemat is a super cute addition to your table!


A garland made from jean pockets can hold utensils and double as a cute decoration.

Jean Garland

Make a jean bucket for makeup or pencils.

Jean bucket

A denim cozy that is just adorable!

Jean Cozy

You can make jewelry bags with the cuffs and decorate them with some flair. 

Jean Jewelry bag

Or, if you really want to keep wearing those jeans, you can turn them into shorts. Check out the video below to repurpose your jeans for the summer.

What do you do with old jeans? Please share your ideas!

H/T: Tip Hero

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