Wednesday, March 23, 2016

President Barack Obama never misses an opportunity to disappoint Americans. While the world is dealing with terrorist attacks in Brussels, the Commander in Chief was thoroughly enjoying himself in Cuba with the Communist tyrant and human rights abuser Raul Castro.

Obama stopped briefly to offer up some canned remarks regarding terrorism. Then he took off smiling to watch a baseball game with Castro. Never let several dozen murdered people get in the way of a good time! Perhaps he thought it was okay since they took a moment of silence at the beginning of the game for those killed in Brussels a few hours earlier.

Maybe he thought he was sacrificing since he wasn’t golfing, but the world took notice that he was smiling and having fun as many stood guard and looked for some leadership.

When asked about the terrorist attacks, Obama said he wanted to be “respectful” of the situation as he soaked in the sunshine at the ballpark.


Do you think Obama is trolling us or does he just not care about keeping us safe? Please share your thoughts.

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