Monday, March 28, 2016

Armed ISIS militants killed 16 people in an old people’s home in Yemen on March 4th. Four nuns were among those murdered by the savages. The radical Islamists then kidnapped Father Thomas Uzhunnalil and planned to crucify the priest on Good Friday.

This assault highlights the savagery of ISIS. These religious people were only helping elderly people. And for that, the terrorists terrorized them and took their lives. The gunmen gained access by posing as a relative of someone who lived in the home. They preyed upon the good nature of these people, killing four Indian nuns, staff members, eight elderly residents, and a guard.

There is a bit of confusion regarding the fate of Father Tom, but the Archbishop of Vienna has confirmed that ISIS crucified Father Thomas Uzhunnalil.

Crucifixion is a torturous way to die. And crucifying a priest on Good Friday is a further demonstration of the radical Islamists war on those who don’t accept their ways. It was not only an assault on this man of God, but also a spit in the face to Christians as they were preparing for Easter.

Of course Barack Obama has been silent on this topic. Rather he spent the last few days in Cuba watching baseball and dancing in Argentina. He was too busy with his social activities to be bothered to take a leadership stance after the terrorist attacks in Brussels, and it seems he doesn’t care much about the crucifixion of a priest on Good Friday. He is more verbally combative against Republicans than he is against these terrorists.

Why do you think President Obama doesn’t take a strong stance against ISIS?

H/T: Daily Mail


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